Digital Transformation is the latest catchphrase du-jour, but what is it? How does it work, and why should I care?

Digital Transformation or Digital encroachment as I like to think out is really just the implementation of digital controls and processes into nearly every part of our lives. Let’s look at a few examples.

A family farmer takes soil samples from his fields in the late fall and sends them to his seed company. The seed company then analyzes the samples and combines that with geo-survey data from a satellite, and using artificial intelligence creates a planting plan for the entire farm.  That plan is then downloaded into the onboard systems of the farmer’s planter to ensure the optimal seed/fertilizer/pesticides/etc. That’s the Digital Transformation of Farming.

Another example is found in the construction business. Ready-mix concrete is quite literally the foundation of most building projects and today contractors can order and specify details about additives like fibers, color, drying agents, and slump using apps on their phones. The concrete plants can track the locations and status of all of their trucks and measure materials at all of their plants using remote sensors. They can even load and dispatch a truck from 50 miles away. The latest transformation of the construction industry has sensors embedded in the concrete that can report on the curing status of the mix in real-time after it has been poured.

Digital devices, computers are everywhere and in everything these days. The levels of integration and data-gathering are beyond what we could have ever imagined and we are really just getting started.


Stay tuned for Part II next week!!

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