Just Backup Everything…Every day!

It really isn’t that simple. You may be able to backup all of your data every day but the real question is should you?

Do all of your files change every day?

Do you edit every image and video every day?

I didn’t think so. The reality is that some of your data will change every day or probably multiple times a day. Accounting data, sales, production, and email are some of our most used types of information and as such those things should be backed up with regularity.

But some of your largest files and folders contain data that hasn’t been modified in a year or more. Policies, forms, reports, presentations, and marketing collateral might only change once a year if that often and yet you have backed it up over 200 times since it last changed.

So what is the big deal? 

  • If you are storing those backups locally, you are consuming space you could use more productively.
  • If you are storing them in the cloud, you are overpaying you cloud storage vendor to store hundreds of copies of some files.
  • By touching these files with your backup software, you are creating opprtunities for the data to become corrupted.

The best solution is to have a backup strategy that is based on the rate of change or differnt types or classifications of data in your network.  Additionally your retention policy needs to take these same factors into account so that your backup will be cost effective, timely and allow you to recover data when you really need it. This kind of startegy requires a partner that really takes the time to get to know you and your business.


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