Last week Microsoft released its usual batch of updates and patches.  Tuesday, November 10th they released a total of 14 patches, 5 of which were considered critical.  Normally that would be the end of the story, but not this time.  Generally Critical Security Updates should be applied ASAP and without testing, however it seem that Microsoft forgot to do their own testing in the case of one update.  Update KB3097877 has proved to be more of a problem than it fixed.

After applying the update many users reported having issues with MS Outlook crashing suddenly and network logon times exceeding 10 minutes.  Removing the update corrects the issue but it just goes to prove the old adage that New does not always equal Improved.

So how does this affect me, you ask.  If you are a Viking Networks Customer subscribed to our Monthly Windows Updates, we have blocked the update on our service and are not applying it to Servers.  If it did get installed by automatic updates it will be uninstalled automatically as well.

But what if I am not on your Monthly Updates Service? Then you can uninstall that specific update or re-run Windows Update to pick up the corrected Patch. Just follow the directions from Microsoft ( or Call us if you are having problems getting rid of the update.

Microsoft released a new version of the patch on November 12th and Viking Networks will apply the new update next month.  In the meantime, remember that we are always looking out for you.

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